About Us

About us

Medical Tourism Platform

Explore the world’s best healthcare services, including medical travel options, with the assurance of Carecall.

Certified Facilities

Explore the healthcare facilities and agencies with International Medical Tourism Authorization Certificate.

Video Consultation

Have a video call including a live/AI simultaneous interpreter with a hospital or clinic before visiting.

Payment Services

Pay the healthcare service fee safely via global payment gateways with Carecall assurance.


What Patients Say


“Before going to a clinic in Turkey from Estonia via the Carecall platform, I observed the doctor and the clinic via video consultation and agreed. I had my dental aesthetics done at Aden Clinic, which offers a quality service including a travel package. Thank you Carecall and Aden Clinic.”

Regina Malk

“It was very good to have a video call and learn the details before my medical trip to the Clinic which I found with Carecall assurance. There are hospitals and clinics on the Carecall platform that are truly accredited and provide high quality service. And it has many advantages on Carecall.”

Rainer Ilves

“Still very professional but a much more relaxed atmosphere. You can’t go wrong here. I receive the best care and attention. The nursing staff and doctors are amazing and take their time with you.”

Jaan Kose
Medical Tourism Platform

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