Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with correcting and aligning teeth and jaws. Orthodontic treatment aims to correct crookedness, deficiencies, excesses, or mismatches in the jaw structure. This treatment is usually performed by an orthodontist and is often carried out using metal braces, clear aligners, or other appliances. Orthodontic treatment is generally applied for the following purposes:

  • Dental Esthetics: Straightening crooked or misaligned teeth provides a more beautiful smile and a better appearance.
  • Correction of Chewing and Speaking Problems: Proper alignment of teeth and jaws can improve chewing and speech functions.
  • Improvement of Dental and Gum Health: Properly aligned teeth make oral hygiene practices such as brushing and flossing more effective.
  • Treatment of Jaw Joints and Jaw Pain: In some cases, problems with jaw joints and jaw pain can be improved with orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontic treatment is usually applied during childhood or adolescence, but it can also be successfully applied in adults. The duration and method of treatment may vary depending on the patient’s condition and needs. After orthodontic treatment, better function and aesthetics can be achieved with the correction of teeth and alignment of jaws.

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